Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Heat Wave In India And Hot Yoga

Every evening, I watch the news- and everyday this week, I learn of the heat wave in India. About the people that have died. How poor folks can't be indoors, can't afford air conditioning or maybe even a house. Or how there is such a great water shortage that one has to pay for water and even so there is no guarantee that the water is safe for drinking. 97 million people in India don't have access to clean water.

I thought about all this during savasana (corpse pose) at a hot yoga class. The class - intermediate vinyasa- advertised the temperature in the studio being 99 degrees. In India, temperatures have soared to nearly 120 degrees. I have free access to clean tap water which I drink throughout the class. I feel strong, rejuvenated after my class. What exactly have I done to deserve it? I have worked hard but the laborer in the fields around Delhi has also worked hard, if not harder than I have.

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