Friday, June 20, 2008

Being Indian

I am very aware of where I am from and I am sure it informs almost everything I do. One of those things which always makes me upset is the way we treat women in India and more specifically, the abominable attitude towards the girl child.
Another news story about this

children's literature and songs

One of the better things about being a parent is the renewed exposure to children's books and music- although it still does not compensate for sleepless nights, limited time, no more movie nights, no shopping in peace, career harakiri- the list goes on and on, and I am sure you get my drift.
I am going to list my fave kid's books and songs- feel free to send me your top picks
-Most of Dr Seuss's books
-Folk songs
-Raffi songs
-Rhonda Vincent especially Bananaphone
-Books by Mo Willems
-songs by Keb Mo
-songs by Taj Mahal
As a rule of thumb, I will only play those songs that I can tolerate at least ten re-iterations of- thats how long I will have to listen to it before I lose the CD. I try not to borrow a book that I do not care for- although, it seems I am constantly reading books about stinky trash trucks and other means of tramsportation. I am sure at some point in time I wll get nostalgic about this as well.

Summer solstice

First day of summer here- in the middle of a heatwave here- but nothing a Kolkata girl can't handle.
Tried looking out for the moon on the 18th- was told it would be a really impressive moonrise- the kids and the location was wrong, so no magnificent moonrise for me. However, check out this link for a wonderful view
A bit of trivia- this structure has some interesting graffiti- Lord Byron has carved his name on one of the columns.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Worry, worry, worry...

As I get ready to join the workforce- after a hiatus of five months- here comes this article about the problems of primary care in the US
The discontent here is real and in my view is a reflection of the fractured system and the fact that it is, mostly, run like a profit making enterprise. Health is not a commodity.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Got to watching food network- again! And this guy Zimmern- who goes about eating some rather bizzare stuff (I think the series is called Bizzare Foods) ends up in Delhi. This episode makes me so nostalgic for some diarrhea inducing pani-puris, some greasy awfully good moghlai dishes, authentic paneer palak and other choice Indian dishes. He even tried some 'mocha' and some banana trunk curry- when will I eat this stuff again.
I cannot believe this sudden hankering- this from a person who cooks very eclectically and rarely something completly Indian. For me, dinner needs to be fixed up in fifteen minutes flat- and very few dishes in Indian cuisine would qualify.
Anyway, here is wishing for some delicious street food soon......