Monday, April 21, 2008

climate change and what we can do about it

Its really quite essential that we look at our carbon footprint and make our stay on earth as limited in its impact as possible. We, at home, talk about this a lot and it probably bores my five year old a lot; but it is really important to me that I teach him conservation.
To this end this was such an interesting article in the NYT today

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Job hunt- looking for a job that allows for a family

I moved recently and now have been looking for a job. My husband's advice is- never, ever mention your family in the interview. That is difficult when you are tied to your daycare schedule.I love what I do- I think Medicine for all its problems gives you an interesting, intense life. You usually get to the nub of a persons existence very quickly, but it is generally assumed that you do have much of a personal life and children are dependents that need constant attention and time.
But one needs to work- for money, for self-fulfillment and identity- so I applied for jobs- permanent and locum and tried to maintain an enthusiastic demeanor. If employers wanted me then all they needed was a warm body to do the job and if they did not want me- it was because I am such a loser. As you can see, there are deep issues here. Anyway, I will be working soon- and full-time, too. I am sure I will talk about how all that is working out and how it affects my family and other animals, like me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Women in Medicine

There has been a bit of a storm in a teacup across the pond- concern regarding too many women in Medicine causing staffing issues as women have children!). Lovely, anything that can be held against women usually is. It is difficult to be a physician and add to that the complications of being a mother- but last I checked we- men and women-belonged to the same species. Rather than changing with the times and getting semi-used to the idea of being equal parents and caring for their kids, some men would rather hold women responsible all the housework, childcare and everything that is not going too well in Medicine.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dual Income- Double trouble?

We are- like a lot of families we know- usually a dual income family. Having spent a few months last year, after the birth of a new baby, as a stay-at-home mom, I have realized-what I long suspected anyway- that I am a terrible housewife. I am a half decent mother- although I do lose my temper ever so often and I cook nutritious food- although there always seem to be dishes in the sink. Generally speaking, there is always a load of clothes in the drier waiting to be folded- for at least a couple days, if not longer.
I am caught between the quagmire of housework and childcare. A friend talked about housework being like groundhog day- I see what she means. I do not get anytime to enjoy the culmination of my labors, there is always something more.... So, I sit on my couch when my kids are napping finally, get me a cup of tea and read a book- which occasionally happens to be on home organization- much to my dear husbands amusement.
Anyway, I thought I would add a link to this article in the NYT today which expresses what I will be soon feeling- relief at having a paying job but also additional consequences to weigh.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New town, new anxieties

Just moved, with two kids, endless useless stuff, downsized to a smaller home, left job and started looking for a new job in this new town. Is that a recipe for stress, angst and terror or what...
Add to that an infant with poor sleeping habits, with a great set of lungs and a natural sloppiness that permeates my life.
This is of course a whiny sad post, just to express how sad and malfunctioning my life is. And just shows what a pathetic person I am to get daunted by all this. I know people go through so much and still remain gracious and kind and I am breaking apart.
But just writing all this makes me get it out of my system- I feel stronger already- better able to cope with all the things that will come my way. Thanks.