Friday, July 18, 2008

How to juggle or .....not

Now that I am ready to enter the workforce, I have started to worry anew about humdrum things like dinner, laundry and housework. How do women do it all? Will I have time to read? On reading- I read a book called The Seventeen Traditions by Ralph Nader who I admire greatly as a consumer advocate. It was an easy read with a view on how a family could be raised. The times were simpler then, but I am sure I can learn a lot from his writing. While on Ralph Nader, a long time ago I saw a PBS film on him, very tellingly called, An Unreasonable Man. In this the election year, it is worthwhile to remember how much his activism has benefited us.
Also, enjoying my last few days of unpaid labor, this afternoon I saw a wonderful documentary called "The First Year" which is about the first year of five teachers in California. I am so in awe of teachers- the great ones leave such a mark on you. They change your life in so many ways and inspire you to be more than what you thought you could be.

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