Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Job hunt- looking for a job that allows for a family

I moved recently and now have been looking for a job. My husband's advice is- never, ever mention your family in the interview. That is difficult when you are tied to your daycare schedule.I love what I do- I think Medicine for all its problems gives you an interesting, intense life. You usually get to the nub of a persons existence very quickly, but it is generally assumed that you do have much of a personal life and children are dependents that need constant attention and time.
But one needs to work- for money, for self-fulfillment and identity- so I applied for jobs- permanent and locum and tried to maintain an enthusiastic demeanor. If employers wanted me then all they needed was a warm body to do the job and if they did not want me- it was because I am such a loser. As you can see, there are deep issues here. Anyway, I will be working soon- and full-time, too. I am sure I will talk about how all that is working out and how it affects my family and other animals, like me.

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