Monday, April 7, 2008

Dual Income- Double trouble?

We are- like a lot of families we know- usually a dual income family. Having spent a few months last year, after the birth of a new baby, as a stay-at-home mom, I have realized-what I long suspected anyway- that I am a terrible housewife. I am a half decent mother- although I do lose my temper ever so often and I cook nutritious food- although there always seem to be dishes in the sink. Generally speaking, there is always a load of clothes in the drier waiting to be folded- for at least a couple days, if not longer.
I am caught between the quagmire of housework and childcare. A friend talked about housework being like groundhog day- I see what she means. I do not get anytime to enjoy the culmination of my labors, there is always something more.... So, I sit on my couch when my kids are napping finally, get me a cup of tea and read a book- which occasionally happens to be on home organization- much to my dear husbands amusement.
Anyway, I thought I would add a link to this article in the NYT today which expresses what I will be soon feeling- relief at having a paying job but also additional consequences to weigh.

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