Friday, June 20, 2008

Being Indian

I am very aware of where I am from and I am sure it informs almost everything I do. One of those things which always makes me upset is the way we treat women in India and more specifically, the abominable attitude towards the girl child.
Another news story about this

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dola said...

I completely understand your anguish. If u remember , I shared the same concern once in Bhabna. I feel frustrated, helpless when i read such articles , which are very frequent in the newspapers in India.
North-West India is worsthit. The society is feudal .
What can be done? I often discuss this with my friend's mother who is the director of NGO. Social revolution is tough in any country in general and in India in Particular. We need a Vidyasagar, we need a Rammohan Roy. Pity isn't it , 21st century we are in and when we open the TV we see captions telling us, love your girl child, help her grow!!!!Mera Bharat Mahan!