Friday, June 20, 2008

children's literature and songs

One of the better things about being a parent is the renewed exposure to children's books and music- although it still does not compensate for sleepless nights, limited time, no more movie nights, no shopping in peace, career harakiri- the list goes on and on, and I am sure you get my drift.
I am going to list my fave kid's books and songs- feel free to send me your top picks
-Most of Dr Seuss's books
-Folk songs
-Raffi songs
-Rhonda Vincent especially Bananaphone
-Books by Mo Willems
-songs by Keb Mo
-songs by Taj Mahal
As a rule of thumb, I will only play those songs that I can tolerate at least ten re-iterations of- thats how long I will have to listen to it before I lose the CD. I try not to borrow a book that I do not care for- although, it seems I am constantly reading books about stinky trash trucks and other means of tramsportation. I am sure at some point in time I wll get nostalgic about this as well.

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