Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is wrong with health care?

I have tried very hard not to talk about this- because it always gets me sad and annoyed- but I feel I have to. I was working today-on a Saturday, which is never good (I am a primary care doc- and usually quite proud of it)-everytime I see a patient who,usually has multiple medical problems and is struggling to make this complicated healthcare system work- I think to myself-there has to be better way!
My patients ask my about copays for meds-I am never sure.Charges for blood draws- I do not know. Why is medicine a profit making institution? There has to be a simpler way.Day in and day out,I see people struggle with costs for their health care and I am sure it adds to considerably to their stress. Nothing about the financial aspect of healthcare is transparent.I wish it was'nt so...

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Dola said...

Madhu, so well thought of. Middleclass in India struggle with the medical/hospitalization costs. My mother is a victim, she has continuously for the last 4 years been hospitalized for her sudden /rapid fall in Sodium Potassium level and the money thatwe had to share each time has been a cause of distress for my mother which lter put her into depression! Hope , people like you who show their concern can also come up with some solution as well!