Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Are you dying?"

My office is cold. Cold enough that I wear a jacket at work and have given up on the white coat. I have tried to get the temperature raised but have given up. My patients do not want to get undressed and today one of my patients asked me as I felt for neck lymph nodes- "Are you dying?" I answered "Of course, I am. Aren't we all? Some quicker than others." He smiled as he told me that my cold hands are not quite compatible with life.
This reminded me of another time when one of patients insisted that I could not be a healer- "A healer does not have cold hands". Luckily, I know many of my patients would disagree. Although, a healer is not how I would classify myself.

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Practitioner Solutions said...

Where I come from....cold hands mean a warm heart!